Discover what makers can do at the Ozarks Maker Faire, an online event on October 2nd (for Educators from 4-7 pm) and Saturday, October 3, 2020 for the main event. This showcase, organized by local grassroots STEM/STEAM dreamers, will share the creative work and technical know-how of all kinds of makers who share a passion for making. The event features demonstrations, performances and how-to workshops—everything from robotics to woodworking to flaming art. The Ozarks Maker Faire is free and open to the public- VIRTUALLY.

On Friday, October 2, 2020, The Ozarks Maker Faire offers a day (4-7 pm- so no sub needed) for educators to explore making in science, art and technology with hands-on activities that can be done at school at their schools. Live sessions and a variety of public programs will happen on Saturday. An online showcase of makers and projects will be exhibited on The Ozarks Maker Faire Facebook page as a LIVE event.

Would you like to share what you make at The Ozarks Maker Faire? The Call for Makers, an open call for entries, is available online.